Claws and Roses

I’ve been working little by little in this project since past year. I had planned to release it by Valentine’s Day this last February, but due to all the issues I had with my website at the beggining of this year, I delayed it several times. All that time helped me to develop more this crossover, and finally I want to announce it will be out by late July in Patreon and middle August in WordPress.

Inu-Olympus is a whole universe that will include 5 different comics focused in different couples. The main story, Claws and Roses, is of course, InuKag, but there will be also other 4 stories with a doujinshi for each one: SessRin, TougaxIzayoi, KogAyame and MirSan. also, there will be short omake minicomics with side stories that are places in the same time, but aren’t included in the main doujinshi.

I’m so excited with this project that combines two things I LOVE so much: Inuyasha and Greek Mythology, and I hope you will enjoy it! ^_^

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