Illustrator, Artist, Designer

Commissions for personal use are currently closed.

Please check my terms and F.A.Q. before sending me a question.


  • My art/fanart is not to be recolored, redrawn, edited, modified in any way.

  • Please DO NOT delete my signature/watermark.

  • If you repost my art please include a link back to my website. If you want to repost my work on Tumblr sites, please include also link/tag to my Tumblr account: @len-barboza

  • Please do not repost my comics/doujinshi on other sites! If you want to share these, please share the link to the website where I post them. You can find the link to each doujinshi title HERE.
  • If you want to use any of my works as cover art for your fanfiction, please ask me first and do not do it anonymously.
  • If you draw or write anything based on my fanarts or my fanart OCs, like Hoshiki from Tiny Miracle, Dog&Bunny, Incubus Inuyasha/Succubus Kagome from Eroween, etc, please give me credit for these. I always give proper credit every time I get inspired by other people’s works/ideas. 


Q- What software/programs/apps do you use for your drawings?
A- Adobe Photoshop CC (22) & Wacom Cintiq Pro 24

Q- What do you use for your traditional art?
A- 2B pencil, watercolors, ink, colored pencils.

Q- Do you take commissions?
A- I’m not always available for these, you can ask, if you don’t get a response it is probably I’m not able to take your commission.

Please keep in mind there are some topics I don’t draw, not even by commission, these are: gore, ero-guro, mecha, loli/shota, monsters, sesskag, bankag, kogkag, inukik, inucest, elricest, alwin. I reserve the right to reject other topics/pairings not specified here.

Q- Do you take (free) requests?
A- Sometimes, but only with these conditions:

It must be from a fandom/character/pairing/theme I actually like.

If I feel inspired enough.

Points 1 + 2 plus if I have the time to do it.

Q- Can you make art from my fanfiction?
A- Sorry, I only do that for my close friends or if I feel really inspired. In another case, it has to be managed by commission.

Q- Can you draw more of XYZ character/pairing/show?
A- Sometimes I draw about other characters/couples, but please understand that I’m not going to draw about something that isn’t of my main interest.

Q- Can you make a doujinshi of XYZ couple/series?
A- Sorry, I only make doujinshi from my personal OTPs.

Q- Why do/don’t you draw/like/support XYZ character/pairing?
A- My personal preferences regarding fictional works/characters are not a matter of discussion, period. If you don’t like any of the content I make, simply ignore it and get on with your life.